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26 September 2016

King's Staff are Willing 'Guinea Pigs' for BTEC Students

As a part of the BTEC Sport course, our students carried out Health Screening Tests on a few members of staff last week. Dr David Snell, Mrs Crandley and Headmaster’s PA Mrs Byrne were among the willing ‘guinea pigs’.

The process included the completion of a short questionnaire/consultation, followed by BMI, lung capacity, heart rate and blood pressure tests.

Commenting on the session, teacher Brendan Craggs said:

“The process was far more beneficial than if the students had performed the tests on each other – they were definitely pushed out of their comfort zones. The morning was a huge learning curve, not only on how to conduct testing accurately, but on how to effectively communicate with ‘clients.’”

The students will now interpret the results collected by comparing those of the staff to that of national normative data. From this the students will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses before making recommendations to either enhance or maintain a healthy lifestyle. This process all contributes towards assignment 2 of Unit 7 of the BTEC course 7: Fitness Testing.

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