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24 June 2016

King's College Spelling Bee

Thursday evening saw a very exciting Spelling Bee for the Third and Fourth Form.

Highlights from the Third Form competition included Henry Vijayaratnam’s calm and steady delivery as he spelled ‘tarantula’ and ‘peevishly’; but he slipped up when it came to ‘bounteously.’

Morgan Hill-Lamey and Oliver Biggs also impressed the audience, getting through to a tricky round four. At the end, the winner of the competition was Phoebe Hake (Carpenter House), whose correctly-spelled final word was ‘claustrophobia.’

The Fourth Form took the competition very seriously and there were some memorable competitors in the form of Will Hanrahan, Charlie Thomas and Ranulf Mason. The atmosphere grew more serious as current champion Henry Gibb was defeated by mis-spelling ‘ sabotage’ while Siji Abere’s correct spelling of ‘psalms’ impressed us in round three.

Emily Knill was the worthy winner of the overall competition (Taylor House), correctly spelling ‘reconciled’ ‘reproachfully’ and ‘sustenance,’ closely followed by an excellent performance by Ellie Redford.

Third Form winner. Phoebe Hake: Carpenter Fourth Form winner. Emily Knill: Taylor

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