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16 June 2016

King's College Archives Trail

OA Day on Saturday 17 June sees the opening of the Archive Trail around King’s, generously funded by Tony Norman OA. This trail, researched from photographs and information in the College Archives, brings to light some of the more interesting locations and stories in King’s history.

As one walks around King’s one often wonders what tales would be told if only stones could talk. This trail revisits these old stories and will hopefully bring to life the rich heritage that we are lucky to enjoy here at King’s.

At each point on the Archive Trail you will see an image of that location from the past. Read the guide, use the electronic tablet, or scan the QR code with your own device to find out more information and to see more images. The trail does not have to be followed in any particular order but you will need an escort as the buildings have restricted access for unaccompanied visitors.

We hope you will enjoy your trip into the rich, fascinating and sometimes surprising past of King’s College.

As part of the launch, our Archivist will asking questions over the next week with prizes for both pupils and staff. All the answers will either be in the trail picture or be available from reading the QR code, website or guide.

If yu have further questions or want to follow up on any aspects of King’s history do contact the College Archives. The Archive Centre is open on Mondays and Thursdays and messages can be left for the Archivist at Reception or you can contact the Archivist directly:

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