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13 January 2017

King’s Teachers Become Pupils for the Day

Before the start of term, our teachers found themselves back in the classroom, this time in the role of pupils.

As part of their continuing professional development, freelance consultant teacher trainer, Debbie Candy, came in to deliver a training session called 'Language through content, or content through language? Let’s work together to help all pupils achieve’

The aim of this session was to make our teachers experience what it is like for a non-native speaker to try to learn in their classroom. Debbie tailored the sessions according to subjects, ensuring activities and ideas were relevant and practical.

An initial experience task led to discussions about how the participants felt doing this exercise, the difficulties of following the instructions, what would have made it easier and how this links into EAL pupils (and indeed all pupils).

At the end of the training, our teachers went away with a list of tips and ideas that will help make their lessons more accessible to more pupils.

Debbie is a freelance consultant teacher trainer, materials writer and editor based in the UK. She has been writing for more than ten years, eight of those for the British Council. She has been involved in many projects, both face-to-face and online, including CiPELT, Baseline for Tanzania, and over the last two years has led the editing, and written new modules, for the Teaching for Success project.

One of Debbie’s major projects has been mapping British Council courses to the curriculum of various countries and more recently to the professional practices in the CPD Framework. This has helped shape new courses by refining the learning outcomes, ensuring that these courses are well-rounded and cover the most useful areas of professional development.

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