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27 January 2016

King’s College Celebrates Indian Republic Day

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In recognition of its strengthening ties with the country of India, King’s College marked an important day in that country’s calendar on 26 January: the 66th anniversary of the adoption, in 1950, of a new constitution in India, which confirmed its status as a fully independent republic.

Two of King’s Indian pupils, Gatik Gola and Mehul Rai, spoke to the school in Assembly explaining the significance of the day and describing how the occasion was marked with parades in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

King’s College is involved in the establishment of a new partner school, King’s College, India, in the city of Rohtak, just north of Delhi. The new school is due to open in August, and will provide opportunities for exchanges of pupils and staff.

The Headmaster, Richard Biggs, recently visited the new school to see how it was progressing and to take part in a marketing event. He brought back an Indian flag which the school developers had donated, and this was proudly flown from the main flag post in the front square of King’s College in Taunton on Indian Republic Day.

The school’s caterers also played their part, providing a delicious Indian-themed lunch, much appreciated by the school community.

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