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4 May 2017

House Masterchef 2017

Last Wednesday our House Masterchef competition took place in our cookery school.

Aprons and wooden spoons at the ready, the kitchen was a frenzy of activity as two pupils from each house battled it out to take home the prestigious title.

Each team had to produce a three-course meal for two in two hours, on a budget of £22. A stiff challenge!

On offer were some fantastically creative culinary delights. This year salmon followed by a chocolate dessert seemed a popular option – not that the judges were complaining!

This year’s judges, Head of Maths Mr Round, Headmaster’s PA Mrs Byrne and Headmaster Mr Biggs, felt that a few dishes warranted particular praise: Meynell created the most beautiful looking and tasting fresh fruit pavlova; King Alfred, who won the competition two years ago, produced a hand-made pasta dish, and a dessert of chocolate brownie – lovely and chewy – inside a white chocolate basket (the basket was made using a balloon as a mould!); and the pea and mint soup from Taylor was deliciously rich and velvety.

Outstanding throughout the competition were the eventual winners, Charly Beak and Marney Davies (the youngest competitor) from Carpenter. Their menu was a starter of goats cheese, figs, crostini and honey, followed by breaded salmon on a bed of crushed potatoes with a fresh bean salsa. Dessert was a sweet rice pudding flavoured with cinnamon, served elegantly in a stemmed glass.

This is always a popular and fun event, with housemasters and mistresses, as well as other supporters from each house, popping by to taste the appetising food being produced.

It has been noticeable over the years how the standard of cooking in the event has improved, a direct result of the cookery courses now on offer to pupils at King’s: younger pupils can opt for a cookery option on Friday afternoons, while seniors are able to take the more serious Leiths Cookery qualification.

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