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8 February 2016

Headmaster's Trip to India

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Just before Christmas the Headmaster, Richard Biggs, travelled to India for a few days to take part in a marketing event being held at the new partner school, King’s College India.

The event was an opportunity to show the new site and buildings to VIPs from the city of Rohtak (the location of the school) and further afield.

The Headmaster spoke to the guests about why the new project was so exciting for King’s College, Taunton. He explained that India was a rapidly growing economy, a country of over a billion people, which would undoubtedly be a key part of the futures of the pupils in his school. Knowledge of, and connections with, this vibrant country would be a great benefit to King’s boys and girls. He said that he was looking forward to seeing the school opening and then launching a programme of exchanges between the two King’s Colleges for pupils and staff. He also said that he believed the King’s approach to education, in which each pupil is treated as an individual and encouraged to think and learn independently and creatively, would be of great value and interest to Indian families.

The other people to speak were the new Headmaster of King’s college, India, Brad Sailes and the Director of Anglo Schools India Services (ASAIS), David Boddy, who is helping with the establishment of the new school.

The event was hosted by Anshul Kumar who, together with Karan Pal Singh, is one of the main developers behind the project.
The Headmaster was delighted to see how much work had been carried out on the site since his previous visit in April. Two of the three blocks are virtually complete and the third is rapidly nearing completion. Visitors to the event were able to see a number of fully-equipped classrooms on their tour of the school.

Recruitment of pupils has begun. The Headmaster was pleased to meet the very first child to register, Kakul Phogat, who is nine years old. Recruitment of staff is also coming along well, with a number of teachers from the UK and other countries already signed up to start teaching in August, which is when the school will open.

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Two OAs, Meiling Daniel-Greenhalgh and Annabelle Hall, spent three months in Rohtak helping with the marketing of the new school. The marketing event at the school in December marked the end of their visit, and it was clear that they had endeared themselves to the local community and had been magnificent ambassadors for King’s College. We are very grateful to them for leading the way, and we hope that many more OAs will follow to take up GAP year placements in King’s College India in future.

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