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1 January 2017

George's Polo Success

Fifth Form pupil George Hobbs has been awarded a part scholarship by the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA), the UK's governing body for polo. This exciting opportunity will see George travel to South Africa to train with the world’s top polo trainer.

Having been identified by the HPA as one of the UK’s most talented junior players, George will join a small group to begin training in South Africa in the February half term. Following this, he will then be coached by some of the best UK coaches for the season ahead.

George has worked very hard to achieve this award, having ridden at international matches and being part of the winning teams. It was at one of these events that George was spotted by the development committee.

Of additional merit to George came when one of his ponies was awarded the best playing pony for his match at the British Junior Championships.

Commenting on his success, George’s mum Wenda said: “This is all down to George working endlessly on the ponies’ fitness and play-ability. He really has put so much effort into his polo and feels honoured to achieve this award.”

She added: “However saying all of the above, rest assured that George also understands the importance of his GCSEs and this will take priority over playing polo, trust me! I’m sure we will work to ensure he can do both successfully.”

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