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23 October 2017

Fourth Form Explore Sidmouth on Geography Trip

Written by Guy Milton-Jenkins, Fourth Form Geographer

At the end of September, the Fourth Form geography students went on a field trip to Sidmouth to investigate the impact of coastal management on coastal processes and communities. We focused on how the groynes affect changes in sediment size and shape, the beach morphology, and the people at Sidmouth. In the morning, we spent time developing our understanding of the town and its coastal defences. Sidmouth is located on the East coast of Devon at the mouth of the River Sid. Everyone contributed their ideas for the background theory, locating the study, and the methodology.

At lunchtime, we set off for Sidmouth in the school minibuses. After about an hour’s drive through the countryside, we arrived at the coast. The weather was lovely and we were able to focus on the tasks at hand. In small groups, we were assigned roles and collected data by completing a variety of tasks. Firstly, we held a survey, where we asked members of the public to give their opinion on the effectiveness of Sidmouth’s coastal defences. We found there was a mixed response. Then we investigated the gradient of the beach, by using a clinometer, tape measure and ranging poles to understand the effect of the coast on the beach morphology. After, we used a caliper and Power’s Shape Index card to investigate the size and shape of sediment. We collected some very valuable data.

To finish the trip, we explored the town nearby and bought sweets and ice cream. It was a great experience to socialise and eat ice cream on the coast together. Once we had finished, we left Sidmouth and returned to King’s College after a day of hard work and fun. Everyone had a super time, and we would like to thank all the members of staff involved in creating this valuable experience.

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