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2 November 2016

Former Pupils Get Paid to Travel the World!

Twins Ross and Hugo Turner have followed their passion of travel and adventure – rowing across the Atlantic, crossing the Greenland ice cap and climbing Mount Elbrus – for a number of years.

Their exhilarating hobbies are now generating a healthy income as the pair travel the world at the behest of big-name brands.

So, how did they manage to make a career out of their adventures?

An interview with the BBC revealed an insight into the hard work that is involved: have a plan, aim big, consider your payment options, be good at branding yourself, keep an eye on the competition, harness the power of social media, be prepared to make sacrifices, and keep on building, looking for that next opportunity.

Read more about how the twins rowed, walked, climbed, skied and paraglided their way to success.

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