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27 May 2016

Final Sixth Form Philosophy Lesson Takes on a Creative Twist

Two Upper Sixth philosophy students, in their last lesson of their A level careers on Wednesday, re-enacted the famous early-16th century fresco, The School of Athens, by the Italian painter Raphael, depicting the two giants of Greek philosophy, Plato and Aristotle.

George Willis and Christin Harmgarth donned flowing robes and adopted the poses of the two philosophers.

The poses are philosophically significant. In the painting, each philosopher holds a copy of one of his works in his left hand and each gestures with his right, Plato towards the heavens and Aristotle towards the ground. These gestures are said to indicate central aspects of their philosophies; for Plato his theory of perfect forms and his sense of timelessness, for Aristotle his empiricism and emphasis on concrete particulars and the physicality of life.

We wish George and Christin every success in the (very real and concrete) exams that lie ahead.

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