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14 April 2016

Essays Selected for Entry into the Peterhouse Vellacott History Competition at Cambridge University

Before half term, two essays were selected as entries for the prestigious Peterhouse Vellacott History Prize at Cambridge University.

Will Cashmore wrote an essay on ‘Why was Machiavelli’s book The Prince so controversial?’ and Matt Thorne’s essay answered the question ‘Why was child labour a problem for nineteenth century societies?’

The conditions of the prize competition are that the topic of the essay should not be one that has been studied previously in the classroom. Earlier in the term the boys prepared for the essays by giving talks on these topics to the King's College Keegan History Society.

Commenting on their selection, Head of History Patrick Scanlan said:

“Both pupils demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subjects. The essays were well written and well researched and fulfilled the requirements of the competition. To be chosen for submission is a great achievement for both pupils and I congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.”

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