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1 February 2017

CCF Try Dive Sessions with the Royal Navy

On Monday 30 January we were very fortunate to have the Royal Navy CCF adventurous training and dive team visit King’s College. They offered the cadets in our CCF Royal Navy and Royal Marine sections the experience of Scuba diving in the school swimming pool.

After an initial briefing, small groups of cadets started off in the shallow end, accompanied by one of the five instructors, who assisted with the various pieces of equipment. The cadets were taken through the basic controls and hand signals while becoming accustomed to the kit. Once everyone had gained confidence in the shallows, the groups headed off to the deep end to explore the very bottom of the pool where they completed various manoevres such as somersaults, rolls and the "floating Buddha". After 25 minutes it was time to return to the shallow end and swap the kit with the next group eager to enter the water.

During the course of the afternoon over 50 cadets and two officers had the chance to experience a new activity. Hopefully some of them may wish to work towards obtaining formal qualifications through the extensive camps and courses run by the CCF.

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