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6 July 2016

Ben Joins King's 5km Swim Hall of Fame

As part of our Sports Hub Challenge Day, L6th pupil Ben Atal undertook a challenge of his own.

It had been suggested Ben might want to consider completing the infamous “King’s Challenge” – a 5km individual medley consisting of 50 lengths each of front crawl, butterfly, breast-stroke and back-stroke.

Commenting on the challenge, Ben said: “Mr Haste [the swimming coach] thought I could complete the swim and the ideal time was yesterday as part of the Sports Hub Appeal Challenges. My only concern before I completed it was ‘How on earth can I do 50 lengths of butterfly?’

“Once I got into a rhythm the ‘fly went much better than I thought and I was able to complete the 50 lengths with no real problem. The remaining 150 lengths I considered my cool down!

“I feel very pleased that I achieved the challenge in a good time of 1 hour 40 minutes and only felt a little tired afterwards, but was willing to swim again in the afternoon if the Channel challenge wasn’t on target.”

Staff and pupils are in awe of this achievement, with many questioning how many swimmers in the country would be capable of this!

It was no mean feat, and we congratulate Ben wholeheartedly as he joins a small number of former pupils and staff who have completed the swim. In fact, he is the first person to do this in over ten years. Congratulations, Ben!

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