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6 June 2016

Alice – This Summer's Exciting Junior Play

This year’s junior play will be an evening to remember. This is no ordinary version of Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Laura Wade’s adaptation has a modern twist, more relevant to today’s society.

The White Rabbit is late for the Duchess. The Cheshire Cat won't stop grinning. As for the Hatter … he is … well … mad. In the middle of all this is Alice, a young girl with a vivid imagination and a family life that's less than perfect. Follow Alice as she escapes her home to find adventure in a topsy-turvy world. Alice breathes fresh life into a much-loved story involving rabbit-holes, pocket watches and talking caterpillars.

The performance is on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June; beginning in the theatre at 7.30pm. However, as you will also be going on a journey yourselves, please make sure that you bring something to keep you warm when the sun goes down!

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