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11 October 2016

​Discover@King’s – Free Evening Lectures

King’s College is holding a series of free public evening lectures as part of its second science festival Discover@King’s.

On Tuesday 18 October, Dr Helen Czerski will be discussing oceans and the impact they have had on our lives, and what the future holds for the blue of our planet. Helen is a physicist, oceanographer and broadcaster, currently working at UCL (University College London) in London. She also works as a science presenter for the BBC, presenting on programmes such as Stargazing Challenges, Dara O’ Briain’s Science Club, Pop! The Science of Bubbles, Colour: The Spectrum of Science and Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey.

On Wednesday 19 October, Professor John Somauroo joins us to look at cardiology at the cutting edge of science, where techniques seem more akin to science fiction than to real-life medical application. John is a former pupil of King’s College. He is consultant cardiologist at the Countess of Chester NHS Trust Hospital. He has a large research database screening all levels of athletes from many sports around the world including the Nigerian Olympic team, football, ultra-endurance runners, amateur and professional boxers, the British aikido team, ice-hockey, rugby league and rugby union players. His research has concentrated on comparing cardiac adaptation between different sports, between different ethnic groups, and between men and women.

And finally, on Thursday 20 October, Professor Anil Seth will be considering the nature of consciousness, applying research from neuroscience, mathematics, computer science, psychology, philosophy and psychiatry. Anil is Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, and co-director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. His research has taken him in different directions, from philosophy to computing and virtual reality, and mapping the brain. As well as running the interdisciplinary centre and carrying out experiments that test ideas about consciousness, Anil has co-written a popular book, The 30 Second Brain, and was the consultant on Eye Benders, the winner of the Junior Royal Society Book Prize in 2014.

We warmly invited to attend any or all of these lectures.

Each lecture will start at 7pm and will be held in the school’s Theatre.

To book your free place(s) please contact: / 01823 328200.

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