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Who Would You Invite to Dinner?

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Forgoing the fancy dress that usually takes place up and down the country on World Book Day, King’s College decided to turn the event into a rather sophisticated affair.

Brainchild of our librarian Josie Barclay, and supported by our creative admissions and marketing team, staff were asked to suggest the names of five authors they would invite to dinner, detailing the reasons why.

The support from across the school was overwhelming, with a total in excess of 80 authors being nominated.

There were a few duplicates: Joseph Conrad proved a popular choice among our English department; Jane Austen, JRR Tolkien and the west country’s own Thomas Hardy fared well, with a few staff members explaining very different reasons for inviting these same authors.

There were however, some more unexpected names: Bruce Lee – for his insight into a way of life and a philosophy, not just purely for his martial arts expertise; Helen Fielding even made it into the list, for creating one of the most relatable fictional characters!

The display that was created in our reception area not only enabled the school community to find out a little more about each other through their choices of reading material, but it hopefully offered some recommendations of yet undiscovered authors and titles to our pupils as well.

Commenting, Josie said: “When I am fortunate to be invited out to dinner by a new acquaintance, I usually surreptitiously sidle up to their bookshelves to try and discern my host’s reading tastes. The insight obtained by viewing their books will help me measure the calibre of my host, thus perhaps preventing an unfortunate misjudgement of character on my part.”

She added: “Having already done a previous competition to guess the bookshelves of our staff, I thought author dinner party guests would shine a new light on their literary tastes. I have not been disappointed, as usual I have been humbled by the breadth of their reading matter, and the enthusiasm for all things literary.”

Published on: Friday, March 8, 2019

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