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We Do! Pupils Gain a Lesson in French Marriage

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Earlier this month, Sixth Form pupils Eliza Chapple, Marcus Dennis, Ed Hayden-Briffett and Dan McSwiggan, accompanied by Mrs Duckham and Mrs Kelly, attended a lecture in French on Le Mariage en France.

Marriage is one of the first topics to be studied on the French A level syllabus and so the talk provided pupils with a fantastic opportunity to learn more about this traditional ceremony.

The lecturer from the Alliance Française, the aptly named Madame Claude Rapport (rapport means relationship in French) gave the group an overview of the history of marriage and its legal aspects, as well as providing some anecdotes about her time as an honorary consul in Cardiff.

The lecture started with a challenging quiz on the vocabulary connected with marriage. An important piece of advice was given to people receiving un faire-part. No, it is not an invitation to a wedding, just an announcement! The groom’s stag night is also referred to as a l’enterrement de vie de garçon/fille, which ironically translates to the burial or funeral of single life.

The evening was well attended by members of the Taunton French Circle, and pupils were also joined by fellow A level pupils from the nearby Richard Huish College. After the lecture, the audience was invited to ask questions. Ed and Marcus asked two, with Marcus causing much mirth when he used his catchphrase mais oui, naturellement.

Our Sixth Form representatives thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were delighted to be complimented on their excellent command of French, with one enthusiastic quote from a pupil being: “I understood 90 % of that lecture!”.

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