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Ten Tors Triple

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Upper Sixth pupils Hattie Fox and Ed Hunt both recently completed the most challenging of the three distances that form the Ten Tors Challenge – the 55-miler.

As Fourth Formers, both pupils completed in the 35-mile distance in 2016, and as Lower Sixth pupils, they went on to complete the 45-mile distance last year.

King's has a long tradition of taking part in the Ten Tors Challenge – an event that sees thousands of participants head out onto Dartmoor, to navigate across its varied terrain, hoping for mild weather and good conditions underfoot!

Staff Sergeant Ron Mason, who has managed the Ten Tors teams for the last 29 years said: “Completing any of the distances is an impressive achievement, but to have two of our pupils having completed all three distances at Ten Tors is rather special. It's always an emotional journey for the staff throughout the course of the weekend, tracking progress at each tor. When they see the King's flag held aloft on the horizon, each team of six walking in a line down the final tor, it heralds the successful and safe return of our girls and boys, and a great sense of pride and relief in equal measure!"

CCF Commanding Officer, Major Steve King RMR added: “To echo Ron, we are always immensely proud of our pupils when they decide to take part in the challenge, and when they return, a little weary and sore of foot, they always swear 'Never again!' I'm sure I recall both Hattie and Ed uttering these sentiments, but all credit to them for completing all three distances. They have trained hard and prepared thoroughly for this event so fully deserve their success.”

Published on: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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