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Technology and Space Exploration at Enmore School

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Our Headmaster, Mr Biggs, recently paid a visit to Enmore School in Bridgwater, to deliver a couple of workshops on technology and space exploration.

Speaking to the whole of KS1 and KS2 about the Apollo 11 moon landings, whose 50th anniversary we will be celebrating in July, he then met with KS2 pupils and explored the physics and engineering of the Apollo project in further depth.

Focusing on a couple of main points, Mr Biggs discussed firstly, just how quickly the technology to land a person on the moon developed – it only took eight years from the first man in space to the first man on the moon! And secondly, how incredibly brave those early astronauts and cosmonauts must have been. He explained that the space race between America and Russia meant that corners were cut and both sides had taken extraordinary risks.

Commenting on his visit, Mr Biggs said: “I was bowled over by the enthusiasm of the pupils and was particularly impressed by the quality of their questions. They clearly sensed something of the excitement and energy of those space pioneers. One question I asked them to think about after I left was: ‘why have we not gone back to the moon in fifty years?’”

He added: “Why am I qualified to talk about space? Well, I studied astronomy for two years when completing my first degree at Cape Town University, and have always been fascinated by that particular era – the 1960s space race. It’s a great political, technological and human story. We haven’t, really, seen anything quite as ambitious since, which is a huge shame.”

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