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Getting to Grips with Essay Writing for National Science Week

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During the final week of term, our National Science Week celebrations came to an official close along with a number of our science-themed competitions.

The first of these was an essay-writing contest, in which pupils were invited to submit an article for the school’s science magazine, The Periodical. A pupil-led publication, the magazine features pieces that explore the limitless world of chemistry. Coinciding with its re-launch next term, essays could be submitted from any year group about any aspect of science.

Alongside this, pupils were encouraged to enter a design competition run by the Microbiology in Schools Advisory Committee (MISAC). The brief was to create an A3 poster that would provide teenagers with a better understanding of the ways in which microbes are of benefit to agriculture.

Fourth Form pupil Ella Dai produced an eye-catching breakdown of the benefits of using EM products in livestock farming, and as a result, her poster will now represent King’s College in the final competition.

We also had a large number of pupils interested in entering the Peterhouse Kelvin Science Prize. For this, pupils were required to write an essay of between 2,000 and 4,000 words on one of four science-based questions.

Pupils Anna Lewis, Loveday Hedgecock, Sophie Hardwick, Alec Sprague and Katie Clarke all produced essays.

Head of Chemistry, Ben Greedy, and Head of Science, Rebecca Stone, selected Alec Sprague’s essay, ‘Should we bring wolves back to Britain – what is the scientific case for rewilding?’ and Katie Clarke’s ‘In light of evidence that modern humans have a mixture of genes from Neanderthals and other species, can we really define ourselves as a species?’ to be entered into the final competition.

Two Lower Sixth pupils, Vanessa Chan and Tilly Maybery, also entered the Newnham College Essay Prize, in which the University of Cambridge welcome female pupils in the UK to enter competitions in biological sciences, engineering, history, modern and medieval languages, music, philosophy and the physical sciences.

Both girls entered the engineering competition, with Vanessa writing about the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge, and Tilly about Crossrail. We look forward to hearing about how the pupils got on next term.

Published on: Thursday, January 1, 1970

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