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Duke of Edinburgh Success for King's

Two #SouthAfrican pupils currently staying with us at @KingsTaunton accompanied by our School Chaplain Father Mar… https://t.co/DXEpraoSLs - 16 hours ago

This year has seen a record number of King’s College pupils completing their Duke of Edinburgh Gold award.

Pupils are required to complete sections of the award over a period of 6-18 months. One of the most demanding sections is their final assessment expedition on Dartmoor, in which they have to complete four days walking and three nights camping, all while being completely self-contained.

Dedication is a prerequisite, with Upper Sixth pupil Charly Beak demonstrating her commitment by taking a night flight from Kenya, arriving just a day before the expedition.

We were delighted that all four groups successfully completed the challenge, despite many returning with sore feet. Nevertheless, all teams were justifiably proud to have undertaken the gruelling expedition.

Another equally demanding section of the award is the residential, in which pupils must arrange and organise themselves over a five day period, interacting with pupils from across the UK who were also taking part in the challenge.

Residential highlights included volunteering at the Taunton Flower Show and taking part in a cookery course in Northern Ireland.

For the first time, we also introduced canoeing as an alternative to the Dartmoor walking expedition, with a canoeing group also successfully completing the award.

All pupils have showed remarkable determination and commitment over the past 18 months and we are extremely proud of their efforts both in preparation for, and, during the event.

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