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Cookery Students Awarded Leiths Certificates

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Last week sixteen Lower Sixth pupils at King’s College were presented with their Leiths School of Food and Wine attendance certificates after completing a 12-week accredited course.

Led by course teacher, Mrs Patricia Stone, who is fully trained by Leiths, the 12 week basic skills course runs in the King’s Cookery School throughout the Michaelmas Term.

As part of the various co-curricular activities that we offer, the Leiths course is popular with both boys and girls, and aims to equip pupils with a range of cookery skills that will help them prepare for life after King’s.

During the course pupils are assessed on various aspects of cooking, food preparation and knowledge. On completion, they are expected to demonstrate basic practical skills in the preparation of well balanced meals and to develop the skills to plan menus, taking into account a balanced diet, seasonal variety, special diets and cost.

Some of the practical skills pupils develop include: knife skills; pastry; working with chocolate; preparation and cooking of vegetables; cooking meat and fish, cooking with eggs; dressings, sauces, pasta and quick bread methods; and desserts.

Sample menus: Lentil, chickpea and chorizo soup with soda bread.Mustard baked chicken with sweet potato roasted with lemon, red onion and paprika, chocolate brownies – a favourite. Pupils are expected to complete a time plan for each lesson and a diary to illustrate their understanding of all the topics covered.

Commenting on this year’s pupils, Patricia Stone said: “It is always a delight to see the pupils develop in confidence as they tackle different menus each week. One of my favourite lessons later in the course is roast chicken which tests their skills, timing and organisation and ends in a feast which they are very proud of and enjoy with relish, having done it all themselves."

She added: “From simple meals to food for friends, pupils gain the skills and inspiration to keep on cooking with confidence long after the course has finished. I wish them well and am thoroughly impressed with how they approached the course and how they developed their skills throughout.”

Published on: Monday, March 11, 2019

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