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Biodiversity and Ecology on the Isles of Scilly

A Level Biology Field Trip

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Our Head of Biology, Dr Stone reflects on the recent biology field trip.

The biology field expedition to the Isles of Scilly returned on Friday after four days of academic study whilst enjoying the biodiversity and ecology of the islands.

The group completed three pieces of A level coursework during this time, including a rocky shore study that took around six hours to complete over the course of one very long hot afternoon.

We enjoyed a fantastic wildlife-watching boat trip mid-week out to the Northern Rocks, during which we saw large quantities of grey seals, gannets, razor bills and a circus of puffins ('a circus' being the accurate collective noun for puffins on land, sea and in the air all at the same time!).

Whilst glorious weather was to be had back here in Taunton, we then suffered gale force winds for two days which scuppered a few planned activities such as opportunistic sampling of the rock pools, but Mr Mason will be proud of the fact that we were the only group on the campsite who did not have a tent blow down.

The expedition ended with a sailing back to Penzance, which had thankfully just a small swell compared to the extreme weather conditions of the previous day. And as with our outward journey, we experienced a large pod of dolphins, this time including a mother and baby jumping together through the waves.

We were impressed with how hard the group of 36 students worked and how dedicated they were during the long periods of time carrying out field work.

Our thanks go to Mrs Florey and Mrs Crandley who cooked a hot breakfast for 41 people each morning, and who provided invaluable support and assistance throughout the week.

See what we got up to below:

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