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Beyond King's – A Success Story

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You may be aware of Beyond King's, the online support tool developed and managed by our Development Office. Recently, our Director of Development, Julian Mack, learned of the first (we think) success story to come from former pupils making professional connections.

Here, Julian explains further:

"We know that the 'real world' is tough and that every little push and any potential connection puts you ahead of the game when it comes to building your professional lives. Beyond King’s was launched as an exclusive and focused tool to support this journey as our pupils graduate and move on to build their lives beyond the bubble of King’s. One of our primary goals was to provide an expert network of professionals – all connected to King’s College; a network of people who understand exactly where you have come from and want to help you to succeed in the future.

Following our launch in February 2019, and during his last year at King’s, former School Captain, Siji Abere OA, Bishop Fox 2019, was looking for work experience and after consulting with the careers and alumni offices, was directed to Beyond King’s where he connected with Ed Barroll Brown OA, Bishop Fox 1999.

As Ed and Siji shared a common connection – their boarding house – they found that they had lots to discuss, and soon afterwards, Ed was able to help Siji get a placement in a start-up company. Siji was able to use this placement to learn about the company's business model, as well as the elements that actually work to help it to grow and succeed. He was also given his own responsibilities, helping him to gain a valuable hands-on insight into the inner workings of a company in the industry he would like to work in after graduation.

Siji is now hoping to join the company for round later this year."

For further details about Beyond King's, please click here.

We would love to hear from you if you have a Beyond King's story to share. If you haven’t checked out the platform yet, there are over 800 users – all connected to King’s and all waiting to network with you!

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