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A Very British Adventure

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During the last two weeks of term our international pupils, who have been studying our 1 Year GCSE Programme, enjoyed a series of events, trips and activities designed to give them a flavour of life in the South West of England.

Starting proceedings, the group headed to Northcott Theatre on the Streatham Campus of the University of Exeter. Here they watched a performance of A Dead Dog in a Suitcase. According to some of the pupils, this totally turned around their preconceived idea of British theatre – they found the story frightening and were amazed by its plot twist at the end, adding that it was 'an astonishing performance with brilliant literal talk'.

Camping, coasteering and surfing at Croyde for the following two days saw the pupils swap the cerebral for the adrenaline-fueled. Jumping off rocks into the sea as the sun was setting has left a lasting impression with the group.

A visit to Bristol created a mixture of British industrial history and retail therapy as the pupils enjoyed learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the SS Great Britain,before wandering the streets, boutiques and cafes of Clifton.

Armed with ingredients and recipes the pupils headed to our cookery school the following day to try their hand at cooking. Judged on the 'Britishness' of their creations, the Swiss and Austrian dishes won no points for this, but the Wiener Schitzel and Kaiserscharrn did taste rather good!

Setting sail at nearby Wimbleball Lake, the pupils enjoyed a rather misty day on the water, sampling both Stand UP Paddleboarding (SUP) and sailing. Many seemed more adept at falling into the water than 'sailing'.

Our science challenges proved more 'challenging' than the pupils first expected. Under the guidance of Mr Lang and inspired by 'The Great British Egg Race' the pupils worked in teams to create a track around the classroom, whereby they had to transport an egg (sometimes involving elevation) across the tables, without touching it!

Over the final two days, the pupils were treated to two very British and enjoyable pastimes: a trip to the beach and a trip into the countryside. In Sidmouth – driven by our Headmaster – the group were amazed at the taste of a cream tea:"it was new to all of us and we all loved this combination". They spent the day at the beach, swimming in the sea and also enjoyed some local fish and chips. Apparently, the sun was so hot that they resembled cooked lobsters by the end of the day!

At Hestercombe House, the pupils spent the day with our Head of Art Clare Schmidt, wandering around the stunning gardens and woodlands, creating sketches and work using charcoal. They were even lucky enough to meet with local willow artist, who taught them the basics of her craft.

We're absolutely delighted that this group of young men and women entered into the spirit of this activity programme with such enthusiasm and openness. Many got to try things for the first time, with no real idea what to expect.

We thank them whole-heartedly, and wish them every success as they return home. Many will commence the remainder of their education in their own countries, but we are looking forward to welcoming back a few familiar faces in September.

This video really does demonstrate how much fun was had on their Very British Adventure!

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A Very British Adventure

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