​Success for Exeter at Inter-Schools Philosothon | King's College Taunton

​Success for Exeter at Inter-Schools Philosothon

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It was Exeter College who had a way with words at this year’s Inter-Schools Philosothon. With an impressive 722 points, the team lifted the coveted Philosothon trophy.

Other schools from around the region, including Bristol Grammar, Taunton School, Torquay Girls’ Grammar, Monkton Combe and Exeter School, also joined us for the occasion, making it one of the most popular inter-school events in the calendar.

The Philosothon is an annual competition, hosted by King’s College, where pupils explore philosophical and ethical issues. Originating in Western Australia in 2007, the contest made its way to the UK after School Chaplain, Father Mark Smith, and philosophy and religion tutor, Julia Arliss, spearheaded the movement in 2014.

In this year’s competition, the stimulus material was challenging. Topics included “Can computers think?” and “If you could become invisible at will, would you still be a good person?” The teams were scored by specialist judges on how well they interacted and contributed in the ‘communities of inquiry’. Grandstanding and aggression attracted low scores, while respectful and robust dialogue resulted in top marks.

Commenting, Father Mark said: “Our Philosothon encourages pupils to investigate complex philosophical and ethical questions. In the process of preparing and participating in the competition, they have the opportunity to develop higher order thinking and communication skills.”

He added: “As important as debating skills are, the model of ‘community of enquiry’ is different and seeks to develop rigorous skills of dialogue. Every voice is heard, and eveyr idea is taken seriously.”

Congratulations once again to Exeter School, and to all participants in this year’s competition. If you would like to be involved in this wonderful movement, please click here: http://www.philosothon.co.uk/

Published on: Thursday, January 1, 1970

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