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​Key Camping Skills Developed at Annual Chindit Camp

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The Chindits programme is unique to the King’s College CCF. It is an introductory programme for the Third Form, in which pupils experience a taste of the school CCF through a broad range of basic training.

At the end of their Chindits year, many pupils decide to remain in the CCF, choosing to join the Royal Marines, Navy or Army sections. Just before they make this decision, pupils attend the annual Chindit Camp. This end-of-year excursion is a hugely popular event in the Third Form calendar, and sees pupils enjoying a fun-filled three-night camp in the wilds of Exmoor.

Overlooking a beautiful Exmoor Valley, base camp is set up and becomes home for the duration. Throughout their stay, pupils take part in a variety of traditional camp activities, including high ropes, rafting and den building.

This year, Anastasia Woodard provides us with an in-depth account of the camp:

“Last month, following a short camp briefing, we hopped on to the coach ready to make our way to Clogg’s Farm in Exmoor.

Once we had arrived at our destination, we set up our tents and sleeping bags in the field. Once complete, we then took part in an orienteering activity which allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the nearby area. Our team commanders split us into groups and told us that whoever made it back to base first was able to start cooking.

Our first meal was beef stew with rice, which was delicious, especially as we had spent the evening walking over the moors.

Once supper was over and everything washed up, we completed our first night-time activity, Ditch Delight. The aim was to hide in the ditches along a lane, out of sight from scouters. This helped us to improve our formation when scouting, as well as our hiding skills, which came in useful in further activities.

The remaining days consisted of similar events, including a scavenger activity that saw pupils work together to unscramble a code and reveal a secret message. This tasked helped the children with their map reading skills.

One of my favourite activities was ‘Night Owl.’ This was when we attacked another team’s base, which had been set up earlier that morning. Before the attack, we had to scout the nearby area to see if we could find the enemy base and then make a plan of attack for later in the evening.

In addition to these exercises, we also learnt to cook with ration packs, some of which were delicious, and others not so much

We were very fortunate with the weather as it was very hot and did not rain once. Luckily, that meant that we could go down to the river to cool off during the hottest parts of the day.

Overall, I found that Chindit Camp was a fantastic experience and I would definitely choose to go again if I could!”

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