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​Artists Inspired by the Past

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Last week our Fourth Form art and textiles pupils visited the Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museum in Oxford.

Aiming to complete some first-hand research and to find inspiration for their new projects, the museum and its worldwide collection of objects from different cultures, past and present, was the ideal choice to spark some early term creativity.

Founded in 1884 by Augustus Pitt- Rivers, an influential figure in the development of archaeology and anthropology, the original collection, gifted to the University of Oxford, contained more than 26,000 objects. Today, there are now over half a million objects.

Used as a source of inspiration and as a window into the past, the museum is visited by people spending hours studying, sketching and detailing the collections.

With portable stools and art materials to hand, our pupils were stunned by the sheer size and volume of the objects on display. The visit provided the perfect drawing opportunity for them, and provided an off-site, non-classroom environment in which to immerse themselves. Still life had never seemed so exciting before.

Throughout the term, our art pupils are working on a project theme of ‘Combinations and Transformations’, while our textile group will look at the theme of ‘Global Pattern’. They were particularly interested in the fabrics from around the world, the texture, pattern and quality all factors in their preparatory studies.

We look forward to seeing their work as it progresses through the course of the term.

Keep an eye out for our art department Instagram page to see some of their creations: www.instagram.com/kingstauntonart/

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