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​A Wild Day Out for Upper Sixth Biologists

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A group of Upper Sixth scientists accompanied by two pupils from our South African exchange, recently took a trip to a very stormy Paignton Zoo where they took part in a day of biology-based activities.

Despite the bleak conditions, they did not let the weather dampen their spirits and instead started the day with a fascinating workshop on evolution and speciation – two topics which form part of the A level curriculum. As part of the class, the pupils managed to successfully identify some mystery items, including whale baleen, an elephant’s tooth and a giraffe vertebra.

Following the workshop, the group ventured outdoors. Unfortunately for them, the weather was just as wild as the animals, hence only the brave could be seen parading their soggy enclosures. Luckily, though, the zoo provided some great indoor areas, such as the crocodile swamp and amphibian nursery, which enabled the pupils to study those animals that favour the warmth.

Lunch rejuvenated everyone’s spirits and after declining to abandon the zoo, the committed biologists headed back out into the grounds to finish their tour. It was certainly the right decision as on this last stretch the pupils got a glimpse of giant tortoises, red pandas, silverback gorillas and windswept flamingos, to name but a few.

Head of Biology, Rebecca Stone, said: “Our trip to Paignton was an eventful one, but more importantly, it was informative. The day’s events will provide discussion points for our lessons, which follow the biodiversity and conservation topic.”

Published on: Thursday, January 1, 1970

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