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King’s College is breaking new ground by opening the first British partnership school in India.

The new school, King’s College India, is located on a 23 acre site in the city of Rohtak, Haryana, close to Delhi. Until partition, Rohtak was regarded as an educational hub in India. It houses universities and medical colleges, but this is the first truly international school in the region. Rohtak has been earmarked by the Indian government for extensive industrial growth and is already the base for a number of major multinational companies in India.

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Construction of the new school is almost complete, with a strikingly attractive core of buildings enclosing a spacious circular garden and amphitheatre. Facilities for boarding and sport (including cricket, football and golf) are outstanding.
The initiative has been supported by UK educational services company, Anglo Schools International Services, headed by former Chairman of the UK Society of Heads, David Boddy.

We see India as a large and exciting market, with 500 million young people under 25. The education on offer here in Somerset has been replicated as much as possible in the new school and our experienced Indian partners want to instil the best of British educational values. The benefits to King’s College in Taunton will be significant, not least the establishment of a direct link to a part of the world which will inevitably play a major role in the lives of our pupils.

We have chosen not to follow the more usual franchise route into international development. Instead, we have formed a full partnership with a group of Indian educationalists. Education inspired by a Christian ethos is very popular in India and British expertise is highly valued.

The new international school will eventually provide a boarding and day school for 1250 day and boarding pupils aged 6 to 18. The school will follow the UK Common Entrance programme, followed by IGCSEs and A levels.

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