​‘Geography is an academically robust subject which spans the social and physical sciences and promotes a lifelong interest and fascination in how the world works’
- Nick Crane President, RGS - IBG

And at King’s we couldn’t agree more, Russell Group universities has recognised A level geography as one of their preferred ‘facilitating subjects’ which supports an application into a wide range of undergraduate courses.

Geography at King’s is taught using contemporary methods of instruction and delivery. The department has adopted the EDEXCEL B specification to GCSE and the EDEXCEL specification at A level. Both adopt an enquiry approach to the teaching of Geography and this approach equips pupils with the knowledge and skills of investigation, critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication. As a result, pupils are equipped to foster attitudes that will assist them to participate as active and informed citizens in our global society and to appreciate and apply the concept of sustainability.

Pupils studying geography at King’s are encouraged whenever possible to apply their classroom knowledge to the real-world. Recently pupils have visited Iceland, studied coastal features and management in Minehead and Porlock, and looked at regeneration and urban change in Taunton and Exeter. The Third Form attend a field study day at the Field Studies Centre at Nettlecombe Court which fully prepares them for their future geographical studies.

The department society (Wegener Society) runs a number of enrichment activities including attendance to regular Geographical Association lectures and attendance to the GA Worldwise quiz for the Third and Fourth Form. Also, pupils of all ages are encouraged to enter the Young Geographer of the Year Award competition and the Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to enter university essay writing competitions. Fundraising also forms an important part of the society, this year raising money for the Toilet Twinning charity. This year the senior girls have been encouraged to attend the ‘Girls in Geoscience’ field day and lecture series at Plymouth University.

There is no escaping that geography is the subject of our times and with its relevance to a wide variety of subjects, it is has long been a popular choice at King’s.

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