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Elena Sistermann

Munich-based Elena Sistermann has been at King’s College for just over six months, but in that time has proved herself a capable footballer, helping the school to become the number one independent school for girls’ football in the United Kingdom.

Elena explained just why she ended up choosing King’s College, Taunton and what it is like to attend an English school.

“When I was at school in Germany all my friends wanted to spend the 10th class in England, and because everybody was talking about it, I also considered it.

“I also wanted to spend some time in England because my English was not great and I also thought it would be cool to live without my parents!

“We had a consultation with a boarding school agency, after which I was sure that it was what I wanted to do.”

Elena explained how she set about making her choice.

“With my choice of boarding schools I paid particular attention to whether there was a lot of sport on offer, especially football. So I looked at three schools who were rated as the best football boarding schools in England.

“In the end I decided on King's College because it seemed very homely and all the people we met when we visited were very friendly.

“And I have not regretted this decision. A lot of sporting activities are offered here. There are so many that you cannot do everything.”

Elena talked about the sports she has become involved in at King’s.

“You can play ‘typically English’ sports such as hockey, netball or cricket, but you can also try other sports which you have no time to do at home like fencing, swimming, athletics or cross-country.”

How did Elena find settling in at King’s?

“Of course, it is difficult at the beginning when everything is new and you miss your family and friends, but this gets better quickly if you make friends and your teachers and trainers all support you.

“On my first school day in school I was very nervous and doubted if I had made the right decision to spend a year to England. However, since then I think that it was the best decision I have ever made.”

Elena loves all of the weekend sporting activities on offer at King’s.

“In Germany many of my friends have stopped sport because school and sport was too much for them.

“However, here at King's College, sport has a higher value and the school pays attention to the fact that everybody does sport and it is part of the timetable.

“At the weekend, for example, there are competitions and sometimes you might spend the whole school day at a tournament.

“If you like sport I can only recommend that you to come to King's College because you can experience a perfect year here.”

Looking ahead Elena said: “At the moment, I want to study management and if I decided to remain longer in England to take my A levels I would also have the advantage that subjects like business and economics are offered which can prepare you a little bit for this career.”

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