Service Families – Fee Arrangements

King’s College is proud of the support it provides to children of parents in the British Armed Forces. The support is determined as follows:

Remission for families eligible for CEA:

Where a family is eligible for the Continuation of Education Allowance (CEA), we ask parents to pay 15% (10% for three or more children) of the net fee, after any scholarship or exhibition, plus the CEA. The difference is accounted for by a King’s Schools MoD Bursary.

As an example, for 2015/16, with no additional award, the parental contribution would be £1,500, the CEA £6,749 and the King’s Schools MoD Bursary £1,751.

Remission for families not eligible for CEA:

A 15% remission is available for children of serving, regular members of the Armed Forces, where that family is not eligible for CEA. The remission applies against the day or boarding fee as appropriate.


1. Our military remissions are only available to children of serving, regular members of the Armed Forces, not those of reservists.
2. To take advantage of the lower parental contribution for three or more children, all three must be at, or finally entered at, King’s College and/or King’s Hall School.
3. Not to be combined with other remissions.
4. Sibling discounts do not apply.

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