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Enhancing King's Projects

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By making a donation towards these items you will have an immediate impact on the experience of our pupils. You can make a general contribution or, if you prefer, specify a particular item you would like to fund. Even a small contribution makes a huge difference.

Thank you on behalf of the whole of the King’s community.

Ortlieb Dry Bag for rucksack x6

Ten tors and Gold DofE has become increasing popular with our pupils. We have some dry bags, but so that we can accommodate all of the extra sign ups we would like six more to complete our set of 24. This will allow us to enlist 4 Ten Tour Teams and 4 Gold DofE groups.


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2 Electronic Drum kits

These cost £750 each. The advantage of an electric kit is that rehearsals in small spaces can be better balanced. Pupils and staff are not subjected to a loud noise which at present is unpleasant. The drummers of the future will increasingly play on electric kits so we are preparing them for this.


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Microscope with x1000 magnification

Microscopes with the capability of oil immersion and fine control over the stage movement, with x1000 magnification for sub-cellular processes such as mitosis would be a huge benefit to our pupils. Currently none of the school microscopes can magnify above x400.

£410 each

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Thunderbolt Audio Interface  with VMS Technology

We recently completed a successful upgrade of the recording studio Mac and installed a Slate Raven touchscreen interface. It would now be hugely beneficial to the growing number of students taking music technology to be able to provide high-end audio to digital conversion and a wide range of classic microphones. Slate Digital have created the VRS 8 audio interface and ML-1 modelling microphone. This interface and microphone allow highly accurate modelling of classic microphones used by producers and mix engineers on some of music’s greatest recordings. This interface and microphone will greatly enhance the quality of recordings produced at King’s. It will provide our music technology students with the tools needed for their studies, as well as encouraging proper professional practice and high standards for all musicians at the school.


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A set of Show Jump Numbers

Our pupils, who have chosen Equestrian as their sport, would really benefit from a set of show jump numbers. These would mark our jumps for our riders and give a more competitive element to their training. The numbers can also be used in formal competitions in forthcoming King’s equestrian events.


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4K HD Video Camera

A 4K HD video camera for use in project work would allow students the opportunity to develop video recording, producing and editing skills. The camera would be used across all years in Drama on documenting work, creating content and improving performance technique. The rapidly changing standards in video resolution would be more than catered for in being able to offer 4K video capability. This camera would work in conjunction with our Drama iMac suite, with Final Cut Pro already installed.


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A marimba. An instrument that we have been asked about a lot as some prep schools use them. This would allow those pupils who join King’s to continue to play here.


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Artist in Residence

An artist in residence brings new and relevant skills that will positively impact the learning experience of the pupils as well as providing them with an inspiring role model. It gives pupils a window into the professional, creative world beyond the classroom and helps the art department to maintain a current and fresh approach to the curriculum. A residency can be anything from a term to a full academic year. The idea is that an artist sets up a studio space within the art school and creates work that leads to an exhibition. The ‘studio’ is open for visits so pupils can see a body of work develop over time and gain an understanding of the artist’s creative process. Through artist-led skills sessions, workshops and talks, the artist will instruct and inspire both staff and students via their working practice. The impact of the residency will reach beyond the art department as the artist displays their work around the school and helps to promote a visible and vibrant creative school culture.


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Drum screens

Drum screens enhance our studio rehearsal space and live use of drums by creating an enclosed area. This reduces the volume of the kit and enables better balance between the members of the ensemble and during the recording sessions.


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Theatre/Production Lighting Console

For 10 years now, our students have been working with an older style lighting console in our theatre to create lighting designs for productions and academic drama. This console is reaching the end of its useable life, and will soon no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Rather than replacing like-for-like, we have the opportunity to install a new console, more advanced and better suited to the LED and intelligent lighting fixtures the students will be using. This will also keep our theatre and performance spaces in line with the industry standard, future proofed. By keeping our control equipment in line with this standard, and ready for future developments, we will not only be improving the students academic and co-curricular experiences in performing arts; our students will also have the knowledge and transferable skills they need for life beyond King's. The ETC Ion XE20 is an intelligent DMX lighting console, allowing control of a huge range of theatre lighting and special effect devices. We would be able to better control our LED and moving head lights, as well as improving the way in which we design our productions and create a show.


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Show Jumps

Show jumps are a valuable resource for equestrian teaching and training, and they will greatly enhance the experience of our pupils. This resource can be used by both the senior and the prep school. We currently have no jumps of our own. A full set is about eight jumps in total but at least four sets would be an ideal starting point.


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 4x Motorised LED Wash Lights

We always strive to provide our students with the best learning environments and technical equipment for their academic Drama and extra-curricular performances at King’s. As such, we are looking to significantly upgrade our lighting in the theatre to include motorised LED wash lighting to complement our moving head spots, attained two years ago through the Enhancing King’s project. Wash lighting provides the base for any lighting design, and the Eurolite LED TMH-X4 Moving Head Wash Zoom is the next generation in motorised stage lighting. Each moving head is equipped with 19 vibrant RGBW LEDs for pristine colour mixing in real time. Using our lighting control desk, students will be able to highlight any area of the stage with precision and accuracy, and create beautiful lighting designs for productions.

£429 each

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Shooting Equipment for Modern Pentathlon

Earlier in the year we purchased two laser pistols and targets which are extensively used with many pupils learning to shoot for the first time both at King’s College and King’s Hall. To give more pupils the opportunity to participate we would like to add another pistol and target. The rapid progress with pentathlon at the school is being monitored by the Modern Pentathlon Governing Body with the aspiration of it becoming a national academy.


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