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Enhancing King's Projects

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By making a donation towards these items you will have an immediate impact on the experience of our pupils. You can make a general contribution or, if you prefer, specify a particular item you would like to fund. Even a small contribution makes a huge difference.

Thank you on behalf of the whole of the King’s community.

Slick Litebean Truss Structure

King's College holds a wide range of events and productions for the students throughout the year. A truss structure would allow us to create exciting professional atmospheres for house events, productions and occasions, whilst helping to overcome the limitations we currently face in spaces both indoors and outdoors. The truss would also allow us to create exciting working environments for students working in the theatre to explore how our moving and intelligent lights work, at suitable and safe height. This experience is essential to be able to give a proper understanding of how a theatre works, and how to support a production. The truss would be constructed in event spaces to house lighting and sound equipment for the events, and is modular - this would allow us to use it in a variety of shapes and configurations in a number of different indoor and outdoor spaces, at both school sites. From sports events to concerts, and everything in between, King's students can use this truss structure to enhance the feel, look and impact behind what they do.


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Climbing Shoes (6 pairs)

Since the installation of the indoor climbing wall, kindly funded by the OA Club, the popularity of the sport has increased so much that we have run out of climbing shoes, popularly in larger sizes. Having an additional 6 pairs will allow more pupils to access climbing.


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A set of Show Jump Numbers

Our pupils, who have chosen Equestrian as their sport, would really benefit from a set of show jump numbers. These would mark our jumps for our riders and give a more competitive element to their training. The numbers can also be used in formal competitions in forthcoming King’s equestrian events.


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Restoration and Relocation of Historic Bell

We have a bell tower at King’s above Reception. Because of the work that has been done on the tower over some years the bell can no longer be heard when it is rung. We would very much like to remove it from the tower, do some restoration work on it and install it outside the chapel so that it can be rung for Weddings, Remembrance Sunday, the Carol services, Christmas morning and, of course, for our weekly Sung Eucharists attended by the whole school. The bell is large, 60 cm in diameter, and the work will be done by a professional restorer of church bells who is the Diocese of Bath and Wells adviser on Church Bells. We already have £3,000 but we need another £1,500.


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A marimba. An instrument that we have been asked about a lot as some prep schools use them. This would allow those pupils who join King’s to continue to play here.


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Show Jumps

Show jumps are a valuable resource for equestrian teaching and training, and they will greatly enhance the experience of our pupils. This resource can be used by both the senior and the prep school. We currently have no jumps of our own. A full set is about eight jumps in total but at least four sets would be an ideal starting point.


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Artist in Residence

An artist in residence brings new and relevant skills that will positively impact the learning experience of the pupils as well as providing them with an inspiring role model. It gives pupils a window into the professional, creative world beyond the classroom and helps the art department to maintain a current and fresh approach to the curriculum. A residency can be anything from a term to a full academic year. The idea is that an artist sets up a studio space within the art school and creates work that leads to an exhibition. The ‘studio’ is open for visits so pupils can see a body of work develop over time and gain an understanding of the artist’s creative process. Through artist-led skills sessions, workshops and talks, the artist will instruct and inspire both staff and students via their working practice. The impact of the residency will reach beyond the art department as the artist displays their work around the school and helps to promote a visible and vibrant creative school culture.


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8 Road Bikes, Clothing Sets and Accessories

We would like to introduce cycling to our outdoor activity options as a healthy, fun and low-impact form of exercise. To start this programme we require eight road bikes along with all the appropriate clothing and accessories. We plan to cycle at least three times a week, where pupils will be accompanied by two qualified staff.


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Shooting Equipment for Modern Pentathlon

Earlier in the year we purchased two laser pistols and targets which are extensively used with many pupils learning to shoot for the first time both at King’s College and King’s Hall. To give more pupils the opportunity to participate we would like to add another pistol and target. The rapid progress with pentathlon at the school is being monitored by the Modern Pentathlon Governing Body with the aspiration of it becoming a national academy.


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Theatre/Production Lighting Console

For 10 years now, our students have been working with an older style lighting console in our theatre to create lighting designs for productions and academic drama. This console is reaching the end of its useable life, and will soon no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Rather than replacing like-for-like, we have the opportunity to install a new console, more advanced and better suited to the LED and intelligent lighting fixtures the students will be using. This will also keep our theatre and performance spaces in line with the industry standard, future proofed. By keeping our control equipment in line with this standard, and ready for future developments, we will not only be improving the students academic and co-curricular experiences in performing arts; our students will also have the knowledge and transferable skills they need for life beyond King's. The ETC Ion XE20 is an intelligent DMX lighting console, allowing control of a huge range of theatre lighting and special effect devices. We would be able to better control our LED and moving head lights, as well as improving the way in which we design our productions and create a show.


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Coach Logic Video Analysis Software

This software would allow players of all sports and their teachers to interact using video analysis. It helps to bring teams closer together by putting learning and engagement at the forefront. Players become more self-reliant on being able to observe themselves play whilst teachers can provide far more feedback.


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