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Enhancing King's Projects

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King’s College continues to thrive and grow in large part due to the philanthropic tendencies of our extended community. Our founder, Canon Nathaniel Woodard, a formidable fund raiser in his day, would be proud.

Not wishing to rest on our laurels, we meet regularly with the pupils, house parents and teachers to discuss how to make the King’s experience even better. Together we have identified the items below as enhancements which sit outside the provision of the School’s day to day budget.

By making a donation towards these items you will have an immediate impact on the experience of our pupils. You can make a general contribution or, if you prefer, specify a particular item you would like to fund. Even a small contribution makes a huge difference.

Thank you on behalf of the whole of the King’s Community.

Coach Logic Video Analysis Software

This software would allow players of all sports and their teachers to interact using video analysis. It helps to bring teams closer together by putting learning and engagement at the forefront. Players become more self-reliant on being able to observe themselves play whilst teachers can provide far more feedback.

£4,000 (£3,200 with Gift Aid)

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Bush Hats

Soft bush hats would be more appropriate than helmets for some fieldcraft exercises, as they are less cumbersome. Designed to allow the attachment of camouflage, these hats will also provide protection from the elements.

£330 (£264 with Gift Aid)

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Conservation of 18th Century Sword

Conservation and mounting of eighteenth century sword found during the construction of Woodard and Tuckwell Houses in c. 2003. The sword has been identified as a 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry sword by the Curator of the Somerset Military Museum. The sword, which can be viewed in the archive, is an integral part of a new 3rd Form history course called ‘How was King’s College impacted by war?’ The conservation work will be undertaken by the archaeological conservator at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.


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8 Road Bikes, Clothing Sets and Accessories

We would like to introduce cycling to our outdoor activity options as a healthy, fun and low-impact form of exercise. To start this programme we require 8 road bikes along with all the appropriate clothing and accessories. We plan to cycle at least three times a week, pupils will be accompanied by two qualified staff.

£8,000 (£6,400 with Gift Aid)

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8 Spray Decks for Pool Kayaks

The current spray decks used in the pool are nearing the end of their natural life and due to the continued high participation in kayaking we are looking to replace them with an improved model. This newer model will allow the teaching of rolling a kayak to be improved and enhance pupil experience and comfort.

£280 (£224 with Gift Aid)

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Poolside Gym/Workout Equipment

To help the swim squad improve their strength and conditioning by training. Equipment to include: gym mats / stretch bands / ankle weights / weighted balls / fitness steps.

£500 (£400 with Gift Aid)

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15 Kindles and a Range of Audio Books

We have run a very successful pilot scheme on the use of Audible to encourage reluctant or dyslexic readers. The Kindle Fire enables the pupils to listen to the story whilst following the highlighted text on the screen. This means that the pupils engage more readily with the story whilst still having the benefit of assimilating the written word.

£1,500 (£1,200 with Gift Aid)

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Outdoor Giant Chess Set

Chess is a very complex but fascinating game, thought to have originated in eastern Asia many centuries ago. We have several pupils who enjoy participating and we would love to be able to play the game outside during the good weather. Known as “the game of kings” some of the benefits of playing include increased creativity, increased problem-solving skills and improved concentration.

£595 (£476 with Gift Aid)

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Shooting Equipment for Modern Pentathlon

Earlier in the year we purchased two laser pistols and targets which are extensively used with many pupils learning to shoot for the first time both at King’s College and King’s Hall. To give more pupils the opportunity to participate we would like to add another pistol and target. The rapid progress with pentathlon at the school is being monitored by the Modern Pentathlon Governing Body with the aspiration of it becoming a National academy.

£2,300 (£1,850 with Gift Aid)

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Indoor Hockey Goals

Indoor hockey has great appeal to our pupils, they are very keen to develop their skills. We enter National Schools’ competitions in the boys’ and girls’ U16 and U18 indoor hockey and it would be great to have the correct equipment to allow us to prepare fully. With indoor goals, we would be able to host fixtures at King’s rather than going to other schools. We would also be able to start up indoor hockey for much younger players.

£2,674 (£2,140 with Gift Aid)

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Water Bottles for Outdoor Pursuits

We have doubled the amount of pupils we now take on DofE and Chindit Camp therefore we need to replace our ageing water bottles and increase the number we hold. We would like 42 replacement water bottles for Junior Expedition equipment.

£437 (£350 with Gift Aid)

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