Edexcel Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification provides an opportunity for students to exercise their abilities beyond the A Level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career. They can also use it to earn up to 70 extra UCAS points.

The EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed project and it is highly regarded by top universities, as evidence of the candidate's aptitude for academic life post 18. It is also an exciting opportunity for students to develop their own academic or cultural interests. The area of study is almost limitless, so it is possible to produce anything from an academic essay to an animated cartoon.

However, all students are able to benefit from undertaking the EPQ as it will help them to:

• mature into critical, reflective and independent learners

• develop and apply decision-making and problem-solving skills

• increase planning, research, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills

• apply new technologies confidently

• demonstrate creativity, initiative and enterprise

Each student is allocated a project supervisor, normally a member of the teaching staff, who will support the student, but the EPQ is student led, so it is up to the student to develop and research the project for themselves. The project is completed early in the Michaelmas term, when the students will present their work to parents and staff. The projects are then marked and graded from A*-E. The EPQ is equivalent to an AS Level, but it is not recommended that students complete the EPQ as an alternative to the normal four AS Levels taken in Year 12.

We expect pupils to make a start on the project after the June modules of the L6th year, research over the summer holiday, and complete it early in the Michaelmas Term of the U6th.

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