At King’s College the Third Form curriculum emphasises breadth and depth of understanding; every pupil studies the same wide range of subjects including two modern languages and three sciences. In this year the aim is to explore each subject, allowing study of a wider range of topics with a greater depth of understanding. We do not aim to cover the topics quickly or superficially.

Pupils study ten subjects in the Fourth and Fifth Forms: English, English Literature, mathematics, all three sciences (either through triple or double award) and four or five others. All are expected to choose one modern foreign language and a large number study two.

At A Level pupils usually choose to study four subjects from a range of twenty two, although some study five. Careful advice is given from the outset to ensure that choices match the requirements of popular courses at prestigious universities. Pupils are also able to opt for the modern AQA baccalaureate, with the additional programme of AS critical thinking, enrichment activities and extended project.

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