The idea of the Chindits remains unique amongst CCFs – an introductory year for the Third Form providing a broad range of basic training.

There are six three-week courses that include activities such as:

  • Camp craft
  • Navigation
  • First aid
  • Field craft
  • Knots
  • Rafting
  • .22 shooting

The Chindit programme is run by Dr Ben Greedy, with assistance from Mrs Karen Cole, Mr Phil Musgrove, Mr Nick Lorimer, Mrs Maria Duckham, Mrs Victoria Kukor-Morgan and Mr Steve Haste.

Instruction is given by NCOs – senior cadets from the RN, RM and Army Sections under the supervision of staff.

Over the two Field Days the Chindits either tackle high ropes and rafting challenges at Cobb's Cross Farm or spend a day pioneering on the Quantock Hills. At the end of the year there is an optional Chindit Camp on Exmoor.

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