Chemistry lies at the heart of all science, providing the link between the world of subatomic physics and molecular biology. Realise it or not, deep down we are all chemists. Every time we cook a meal, take a breath, or light a match, we perform a chemical reaction. Chemical innovation is at the very heart of modern life and, from the invention of the catalytic convertor to the development of pharmaceuticals, chemists have played a pivotal role in shaping the world around us.

The chemistry department aims to inform and challenge pupils in a safe, positive learning environment. Pupils are encouraged to problem solve and think independently; our aim to provide them with the skills they need to succeed not only in their exams, but in their future lives. We recognise that pupils thrive best when they are enjoying their studies and, to that end, practical work forms an integral part of the curriculum. From diffusion experiments at the beginning of the Third Form, to redox chemistry and volumetric analysis in the latter stages of the Sixth Form, our pupils are guaranteed to gain hands-on experience of the subject in modern, well-equipped laboratories. Pupils at King's are encouraged to read widely, enabling them to fully appreciate the latest chemical and medical advances. Our libraries are well stocked with up-to-date texts and chemical literature, which supports the courses we deliver and further inspires those who wish to study chemistry or related sciences at university.

Chemistry at the cutting edge can be experienced through the wide variety of enrichment opportunities on offer. While the Lower Sixth enjoy two lecture conferences and test their aptitude for analytical chemistry at the RSC’s Analytical Chemistry Competition, the Upper Sixth chemists travel to Bristol University to synthesise organic compounds in the undergraduate labs. With the Lower School competing in the RSC Top of the Bench competition and enjoying in-school talks from a thriving Science Society lecture programme, all years can be inspired by the exciting chemistry on offer.

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