The Chaplaincy

Father Mark Smith is our Chaplain and he is a full-time member of staff who lives with his family on the school campus. The Chaplaincy is regarded as a vital touchstone for everything that happens at King's and, as a Woodard school, the role of the Chaplain is an incarnational one - reminding the school community of the loving presence of God permeating all we do.

The Chaplain teaches all pupils for at least three years and also interacts with them formally and informally in a wide range of other ways. Some examples are:

  • Confirmation classes
  • As Lieutenant Commander of the Naval Section and 2 ic of the CCF
  • Friday afternoons working in the school mini-farm which is run by the Chaplain
  • The Philosothon – a philosophy competition discussing the 'big' questions
  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • The Year Group Forum
  • Individual counselling

The Chaplain is also responsible for all chapel services. There is a weekly Eucharist for the whole school community, a Friday morning reflection, and evening prayer in the St. Francis chapel on Sundays. During the year there are special services in our chapel like the Confirmation, Remembrance Sunday, Leavers' Eucharist, the two Carol Services and Christmas morning Eucharist.

Father Mark is always available for any member of the community and there are often baptisms and weddings at King's. He can be contacted on Tel: 01823 328211 or by email:

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