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CCF Adventure Programme

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As part of our CCF Adventure Training Programme – offered as an alternative sport option – we offer a number of activities, that include climbing and kayaking.



Introductory climbing lessons take place on the school's own climbing wall, where the fundamentals of safe climbing and belaying are taught. Able climbers who wish to progress and join the Climbing Club are able to visit climbing walls in Exeter and Bristol where they can develop their technical climbing ability. There are also occasional trips to outdoor crags on Dartmoor and Baggy Point for the really adventurous.



Kayaking takes place in school pool, where the pupils are taught how to move in the water,as well as the basic safety skills required to progress into the outdoor environment. During the warmer months kayaking can take place on the Tone River and Bridgwater Canal, and for those who achieve a higher level of competence, trips further afield are an option. Pupils are also able to gain British Canoeing star awards in the dual discipline of 'Canoe and Kayak'.

<h2>Adventure Week</h2>

Adventure Week

The CCF Easter Adventure Week always takes place in the first week of the Easter holidays and for the last two years has travelled to the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Pupils will stay in excellent indoor accommodation at the Black Mountain Lodge and embark on a wide range of activities designed to push them out of their comfort zone.

Other Activities

Other Activities

There is usually a full day of physical activity followed by a relaxed evening skills-based session. Opportunities in the past have included mountain biking, caving, climbing, kayaking and gorge walking. No pupil is forced to do something that they don’t want to do, but an open mind and willingness to try difficult things is fostered throughout what is an exhausting but highly thrilling week away.

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Our Pringle team have returned victorious after competing in the Sir Steuart Pringle Trophy Competition at CTCRM Lympstone. This prestigious military competition is attended by schools from across the country, and challenges leadership, teamwork, decision-making, fitness and specific military knowledge.

Not only did the team win the overall title, they also lifted five individual trophies, making this the best result in the school's history.

More information to follow, plus a gallery of images from the weekend.