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As a Woodard school, King's College, Taunton:

  • Grounds itself in Christian belief, teaching and values, celebrating that faith in creative and meaningful ways through worship.
  • Fosters the virtues of faith, hope and love in all aspects of its life as central to its Christian ethos.
  • Welcomes inclusively those of all faiths and none.
  • Believes in the unique value of each individual, regardless of race, gender or creed.
  • Pursues academic excellence with a commitment to good teaching and effective learning.
  • Aims to prepare each young person for the future by means of a full and rounded education.
  • Provides outstanding pastoral care within a supportive community.
  • Seeks to build a community which reflects family life with mutually respectful and warm relationships.
  • Nurtures self-respect and self-esteem, high moral values, responsible citizenship and a commitment to the service of others.
  • Strives to be outward looking, working with others in the local and wider community for mutual benefit.


  • To provide a Woodard Education, rooted in a Christian ethos, for boys and girls aged 13 to 18.
  • To inspire in pupils a desire for excellence and a love of learning which goes beyond the formal curriculum, to develop independent, searching minds and to encourage pupils to realise their full academic potential, ready for university and other tertiary studies.
  • To ensure that the years children spend at King’s College are happy and fulfilling ones.
  • To provide a safe, welcoming, supportive and tolerant environment in which each pupil feels valued as an individual and, in turn, learns the importance of tolerance and consideration towards others.
  • To encourage wide interest, participation, and high standards of achievement at school and beyond, in sport, music, drama, community service, outdoor pursuits and other activities through the provision of excellent facilities and expert coaching and tuition.
  • To maintain the boarding ethos and structures of the school to the benefit of all pupils.
  • To maintain a close partnership with parents in guiding and caring for their children.
  • To help each child to realise the importance of contributing to the community, both inside the school and beyond, and ensure that the school is of benefit to the community both locally and further afield.
  • To appoint talented staff who share these aims and to assist them in their professional development.

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13+ Scholarships

King’s College makes a limited number of awards to candidates who are about to enter the School in Year 9 (13+) or into the Sixth Form (16+). These awards recognise excellence and potential in a range of areas of importance to the School. All awards are made on the basis of open competition. All awards carry clear expectations of involvement and achievement and all are subject to annual review.

Our scholarships include: Academic; Music; Sport; Art; Drama & Performing Arts; and Design Technology.

13+ Scholarships