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My name is Keene Nkoane (used to be Keene Dintweng) from Botswana in Southern Africa. I was at King’s College Taunton for my Sixth Form between 1997 and 1999. I was at Meynell House. I then went to Nottingham University, where I graduated with an Hons Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I was privileged to receive sponsorship for my A levels and University studies from Debswana Diamond Company (Botswana), the company I am currently working for.

Myself on the left in the red dress, with Tim and Tshenolo preparing to go for the Christmas dinner dance at King's College in 1998…

This was one of my favorite moments. I also enjoyed movie nights where we used to end up chatting instead of watching; the British girls in my house always wanted to know more about Botswana and Africa. Therefore, we exchanged a lot of knowledge about our countries.

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It was the first time I was away from home and in a foreign land with a very different culture and weather. However, the King’s College atmosphere made me feel at home as it was filled with so much fun and warmth. Everyone from all walks of life were welcome and treated the same. The staff and pupils were very kind and friendly.

I did not hold any prominent position at school.

I am now an Asset Management Engineer at Debswana Diamond Company (Botswana, Africa). I am married to Milton and we have three boys; Taye 15, Jayden 14 and Atlang 8.

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