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There were more creative goings on in our fantastic Silvermead Studio last weekend as our art department welcomed a… https://t.co/ZzbJz7p7PW - 11 hours ago

I think I was one of the first lot of girls into King's Taunton when the school became fully co-ed, or maybe it was the second lot I cannot fully remember! I joined King's in September 1992 and went straight into the 3rd Form.

My earliest memory of King's was the tuck shop and Mrs Kerslake. Living in Kenya we did not have access to the ‘English tuck’ that was on offer and I remember being unleashed into the tuck shop on the first day of school at break time, I could not believe the choice there was and think I spent most of my allowance on Wham bars and other rubbish! Mrs Kerslake was a super woman and our head, she was incredibly kind and loving and really looked after us all, especially the two of us that were such a long way from home. We were a very tight knit group of girls all based in Meynell, and by the time we reached 4th/5th Form we were booted out of Meynell and moved into Carpenter House which was great. A small group of us Rebecca Ellis / Louise Lightfoot / Emily Lanigan / Penny Patterson then moved out again and moved into Gatcombe and then Chiltern, so we essentially had our own little flat and we felt terribly grown up!

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My favourite moments were all sporting events, I loved playing hockey and swimming and my other favourite moments were being captain of the swimming team in year 6 and being unbeaten in all of my back stroke races.

I played for the 1st team in hockey (I think my name is on the wall in the dining room Emma Ayton) and I was captain of the swimming team.

After King's I returned to Kenya and worked with the Kenya Wildlife Service and also with Dame Daphne Sheldrick in my gap year who passed away earlier this year. After my degree, I returned to work with Daphne Sheldrick for three years and ended up working with anti poaching units in Tsavo East National Park, who were fighting not only the bush meat trade, but also fighting the ivory trade which although has been curbed today, continues to be a major issue with wildlife in Africa.

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