Horizon Lecture - Dr Stefan Zieger | King's College Taunton

Dr Stefan Zieger

31 January 2020, 2.00pm

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What it means to be a doctor

What it means to be a doctor

Born in 1960 in Germany as the only child of one of the first urologists in the country the decision to follow in his fathers footsteps was only second choice after first pursuing the idea of becoming a scientist.

The scientific approach changed over the course of time and experience towards the acknowledgement of medicine as an art of healing with a scientific background.

During the time in university the focus quickly developed towards rescue and emergency care, which led to the choice to become a cardiologist. Within this field special interest evolved for invasive and interventional procedures, which were pioneered during the timespan of the early work as a doctor in specialization.

Working in his own practice since 1996 as a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology and angiology the care for a wide range of medical problems mandates the cooperation with all other specialties in medicine.

The talk aims at all students who might consider a career in medicine. It gives an impression of the spectrum of different working environments, the variety of underlying personal prerequisits to be successful in different specialties and the personal costs and rewards of being given the privilege to interfere in the life of people seeking help.

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